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A self-love story

Fall in love with you and your life

Your very own course for more self-love

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February 21 to April 18, 2021

Holy Yes

For me, sexuality and sexual energy are one thing above all else: pure life force!

Everything here on earth arose from it and everything is permeated by it.

The question of how we as women can let this power flow even more freely in ourselves and in others,

occupies me deeply and shapes my life, my work, my dreams and visions.

How beautiful this world is when we liberate all shame, all the anxiety and all the pressure and we connect you just love to life, with love for us and our bodies, our pure femininity and our vitality !,

That is why I created this course Sacred Sexuality to inspire you and all women, to encourage, connect and open up to what is EVERYTHING possible in your life!



it's about a lot more than just sexuality.


It's about a deep, true love relationship with yourself.

It's about the connection to your body.

It's about the connection with you as a woman.

It's about connecting with your sisters.

And your very personal, sacred sexuality.


Sacred Sexuality has the power to change your life forever.


Imagine your life in which you live in deep connection to yourself and your body.

In which you love and respect every cell in your body.

In which you live and celebrate being a woman.

In which you live your sexuality freely, full of devotion and lust.


Not only have I seen what happens when women do just that!

It is the most beautiful, the most valuable and the most incredible thing that I have been able to experience in this life.


When women cast off the veil of shame, pressure, fear and smallness

and in their whole  Shine femininity

above all one MAGIC is created !

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Holy Yes

  • Get rid of shame, pressure, smallness and fears

  • Live a deep, true love relationship with you and your body

  • Live and celebrate your being a woman

  • Experience being a woman in all its facets 

  • Live your sexuality that fills your soul

  • Experience sexuality easily and naturally

  • Know your needs and wishes

  • BE BOLD: Go for yourself and your needs

  • Have a sexual love affair with yourself

  • Enjoy touching and loving yourself

  • Have more fun and enjoyment in sex

  • Feel more energy in your life

  • Live full of joy, strength and  self-consciousness 

  • Experience your sexuality freely, with pleasure and full of devotion

  • Connect with your sisters

  • HE SHINE in your femininity

Fall in love with yourself, your body, your sexuality and your life




Weekly live workshops via Zoom: Every Sunday 10:00 a.m.

(Duration 2.5 - 3 hours)

♥ ️

Weekly assignments & exercises, 

to reach your goal step by step

♥ ️

Hypnosis to strengthen you at home

♥ ️

Personal support from Alexandra 

♥ ️

Recording and sending of all live calls

(if you can't be there live!)


Regular Price: € 750.00

Early Bird: € 690.00 

With Yoni Love access: € 650.00


It is very important to me to personalize the course and to pick you up where you are.

♥ ️

3 individual  1 to 1  Coaching  with Alexandra

♥ ️

A Self Love Story contains all my insights, experiences and tools,
the me on
  have helped my own way.


The connection among us women is  incredibly powerful and magical.

♥ ️

This is exactly why sisterhood is such an important part of the course!

♥ ️

In our live workshops you will get to know the other wonderful women of the course.

♥ ️

In our  A self-love story  In a group you can connect with your sisters and exchange ideas.

You can always ask questions and ask for help. 


What's waiting for you

Welcome ritual
Through a powerful ritual, we open the space together that will accompany us for the next 6 weeks.  You get to know the other women who have embarked on this journey with you and together we create a room full of heart opening, trust and solidarity. 

Chapter 1: Your Shining Life

Find out how beautiful your life can really be. Find out how you can create the life you really want, full of joy and ease.  Receive a bright picture of your future, what will attract and guide you over the next few weeks. Your very own  North star. 

Chapter 2: Free Yourself

Get out of your carousel of thought. Get rid of all the feelings that drag you down every day. 
You are so much more than your thoughts, your feelings and your body. You are not at the mercy of your thoughts and feelings. You determine what you think and what you feel.

Chapter 3:  Heal the source of all your problems

Separate yourself from everything that burdens you. Detach yourself from everything that is the source of your fears, self-doubts and heaviness.  Heal yourself from all your old injuries that affect you to this day. 

Chapter 4:  Create your happiness 

Write your own self love story and fall in love with yourself and your life.  Create your very own happy, carefree and radiant life.

Chapter 5:  Draw happiness into your life

You are so much more powerful at heart than you think. And NOW is the time to activate and live the Creator in you.  Create your life the way you want it!

Chapter 6:  Live your self love story 
Let your Self Love Story come true every day even deeper and full of miracles in your life. So that your life becomes easier, freer and happier day by day. 

Closing & Celebration 

Time to celebrate your successes, your insights and your courage. Time for sisterhood and celebration. Together we close this wonderful room with a ritual. 

Participant feedback 

"This course was the best thing I did for myself"
Holy yey



What others say about Alexandra

"A beautiful, radiant, natural and very authentic woman who tickles and makes you aware of your own potential in a very inspiring way." 
Mary Di Zio 


For me, sexuality and sexual energy are one thing above all else: pure life force!

Everything here on earth arose from it and everything is permeated by it.


The question of how we as women can let this power flow even more freely in ourselves and in others preoccupies me deeply and shapes my life, my work, my dreams and visions.


How beautiful this world will be when we free all shame, fear and all pressure and connect with the pure lust for life, with love for ourselves and our body, with our creativity, our pure femininity and our vitality!

I have rejected myself, my body, my femininity and my sexuality for many years. 
I didn't know myself. 
I didn't like my body. 
I had no connection with my femininity. 
I wanted to get sexuality out of my life. 

The reason for the latter was that most of the time I perceived sex as exhausting, powerful, and stressful. 
I had sex for many years without ever orgasming. 
I've said YES far too often even though I actually felt NO. 
And I actually didn't know what I wanted myself. 

Today I love my sexuality.
I am not there yet, but I feel LUST and PASSION again. 
I love my femininity. 
And I LOVE my YONI. 

I would like to take you on my own journey with SACRED SEXUALITY and show you a way that shows you that sexuality is something wonderful, light, magical and natural. 

This journey begins with you. 
It is the journey to your own, wonderful and very personal sexuality, in which it is about you to get to know your yoni, your femininity and sexuality in depth and to start a wonderful, lustful love relationship with YOU. 

I am so happy to take you on this journey. 


Hi there,
i am alexandra
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