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The Feminine Sexuality - Understanding it from a Tantric Perspective

Today we want to talk about Feminine Sexuality and what that has to do with Tantra.

But the question is much more interesting whether you know your own sexuality and whether you even know how you as a sexual being work or whether you just think it runs like in TV, like in porn, like in magazines and then it somehow doesn't work.

I just asked myself the question, do I actually know or did I actually know how I function as a sexual being?

How do I activate my sexual energy?

What do I need to be really excited?

Or, and you can ask yourself that too, do you follow a picture of sexuality that you picked up somewhere but never questioned?

Does it really work that way?

Does your own sexuality really work that way?

I mean, how did we get to know sexuality?

I never really got to know it.

Honestly, no one has ever explained to me how female sexual energy works or how female sexuality works.

I think I picked it up somewhere on TV or in some magazines or in some educational books, but I can't even remember it.

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When you stay together with your partner, you realize that the first tingling is gone, the first excitement is gone, and you are unfulfilled.

Or you just take it to the next partner, to the next partner, to the next partner, and you realize that you are becoming more and more unfulfilled.

And we would like to shed light on how female sexual energy really works.

And also how it works from a tantric point of view.

And I think that's for everyone who... Yes, I remember our first meeting, where... Of course, I tried to live my sexuality, the way I got to know her, with Alexandra, and somehow it didn't work out.

And we asked ourselves, what was the reason?

And besides all the topics, blockades and so on, that we had with each other or that everyone had for themselves, it was of course also a...

Yes, this scheme F, which you may have picked up from the outside, to question and to get to know yourself, how we work and how the difference works between man and woman.

What does the man need?

What does the woman need to become sexually active at all?

And I think that many and many of our clients are like that too.

They are waiting for this great desire to overcome them and then that everything automatically works.

And I think that's a

almost childishly naive approach to believe that this is how the world works.

That only the right man, only the right woman has the right moment.

Or whatever, the right desire has to surpass us and then sex is easy.

Yes, that can of course be so.

But if that's not the case, then many people sit in the corner, reject sexuality or say that's nothing for me or say that's not the right partner or whatever.

And the things we want to share with you today, I think that brings a lot back to their own responsibility and their own power to live sexuality for themselves and to be sexually self-determined.

Before we get into it, I have a question for you.

You can share it with us or ask yourselves.

Do you know how your female sexuality really works?

Do you really know, in depth, do you know yourself, your body and your sexual energy?

Can you feel it, can you perceive it?

And do you know how you tick and what you need?

Yes, it would really interest me.

My experience is that a lot of women, but also men, don't know that.

They just don't have the knowledge.

And of course we don't learn it either.

And I think I would like to talk to you about that.

We would like to talk to you about the fact that there is a difference between women and men.

Because my perception is that we women, that we couples, often have a

supposedly masculine sexuality.

What I mean by that is that we... I'll just make a little clip that the sexual energy in men begins in the genitals.

And I think what many women think is that it's the same for us.

That we only have to touch our genitals and then an arousal begins.

And that's not the case.

For us women it works differently.

And this knowledge is often missing.

For women, but also for men.

Yes, I wouldn't say that it works that way for men either, because many... The picture is, the man is pregnant, gets an erection and then it starts right away.

And that's not how it works for men either.

So I think there is also simply this picture that is created on the outside in society, through porn, through whatever, is simply a very...

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These images also seem subconscious to me and if we don't have an erection directly as a man or if the woman is not directly wet and already full of desire comes to orgasm before something happens and shouts or whatever you see in the porn then something is wrong with us and then it starts a devil's spiral downwards where we go from pressure of expectation, we are not right and so on, deeper and deeper and deeper and at some point nothing works anymore.

But let's talk about how does the woman work.

And maybe from this picture comes, what does the woman have to do to be ready to have penetration?

And how does the woman get in the mood for sex?

From an energetic point of view, from a tantric point of view, but also from my own experience, I think it is super important to share that our breasts and our heart space play a very, very big role in our sexuality.

And here the question, what role do your breasts play?

And does your heart play a role in your sexuality?

With yourself, but also with your partner?

And yes, the breast space, or let's say the sexual energy in us women, if you come from a tantric perspective, begins with us in the breasts.

And by that I don't mean that you touch the nipple, which happens quite often, to arouse the woman.

By that I really mean to activate the breasts on an energetic level, through massage, through touch.

So, and the thing is that when we activate our breasts, energetically, this energy automatically flows into the heart.

And the heart is, for us women, the area where the sexual energy begins, not in our vagina.

And if we do this for a while and can perceive the energy and are also free and the energy can flow, and very often we also have blockages in our body that prevent this, then this energy will automatically flow into our vagina and open our vagina and prepare our vagina.

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And I think something else, only when our heart is connected to our Ioni and we feel this connection, only then are we really ready to experience a fulfilled sexuality.

If not, then sexuality will always feel hollow, or dull, or not fulfilling.

And that is, I think, the most important thing I would like to share so much, that yes, our Ioni plays a very big role, but our breasts and our heart space play at least as much of a role in our sexuality.

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I think it's important to understand that in the Tantric or Tao perspective every human being and also man and woman carries two energy poles in them.

You can imagine that like a battery.

We have a battery, which is a plus for men up here and minus down here in our genitals.

And for women it's exactly the opposite.

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Orgasmic Business featuring Christian Wennmacher

And therefore to your question, how is it with men?

With men, the plus pole is in the genitalia and that's where sexual energy starts.

But that doesn't mean that we, yes, that we, of course, through stimulation and basically it's not directly about the penis, but the energy starts in the genitals.

The sexual energy in the genitals is produced in the genitals, where our sperm and our semen are produced.

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You just talked a lot about the plus pole.

To activate and we start the sexual energy by activating the plus pole.

That means with the woman the breasts open the heart so that love can flow.

That means with the man to activate the testicles and the penis.

But it is just as important to open and keep our minus pole open.

That means with the woman

what you described, that at some point it is superfluous and the union opens up and in the same way the men are allowed to open their hearts and connect with the woman on the heart level.

Namely, only when plus pole and minus pole are activated, there is this energetic flow and it comes to a real unification on all levels between man and woman.

You just said it so beautifully.

I think there are two levels.

There is the level that we

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And for us women it is actually the Ioni.

Very often the Ioni, from my experience, is not ready to receive at all, because there are a lot of energetic blockades in our Ioni, from the past, from experiences that we have made.

And with the men it is the same.

Even if the men have activated the plus pole, they are often not open in their hearts to receive this energy.

And there, I think, especially with men you can see that there are two levels.

The men can, on a purely physical level, only when they activate the plus pole, come to orgasm.


And that's also a relief at the moment, it's also a nice feeling.

For me, however, it is the purely physical level.

There is also the energetic level and that is much more fulfilling for me, because at that moment it is also about that you can take this energy and feel it in your heart.

and you reach a completely different sexual level that is much more fulfilling, that brings you bliss and joy and that recharges you with energy and not just gives energy away.

And I think that's just important to understand.

There are also different levels.

There is the purely physical level.

Of course, if I rub around for a long time on the yoni or use a vibrator or something like the womanizer, I will come to orgasm at some point through the stimulation.

Sure, because it's possible.

But is it really fulfilling?

Are you really nourished and fulfilled?

My truth is that it's not.

My experience is also that I'm not fulfilled.

Or, if you're really working to activate your heart, to feel the energy and to open up, what happens then, if you don't just feel this energy in your vagina, but in your whole body or in your heart?


And maybe to briefly go into the problem, which often happens with women, if we don't activate ourselves in our heart space and only play around with the Ioni, and the Ioni may never be quite ready, then we will need more and more to stimulate the Ioni, to feel something.

What happens is that it becomes overstimulation and at some point we perceive and feel less and less.

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The solution for me also starts up here.

First of all, to really activate the energy, maybe for the very first time in my life, to activate the sexual energy where it begins, namely in our breasts, and then to open up to the fact that the energy can flow and this energy balance takes place.

And that's why the solution for me is not only to find our Juni, but also in our breast area.

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The energy gives energy to the woman and nothing comes back because we men or because the man is blocked up here in the heart and is not open at all so that the energy can flow back or maybe the woman is also blocked.

Then we spend energy all our lives and with ejaculation it is even more because it is the energy that can create life.

So that's a lot of energy we spend and with time

Yes, we dry out a little bit, I would say, as men, that the irritation doesn't come so fast, that the erection doesn't come so fast and that it just costs us energy and also life energy.

That's why it's so important to keep this cycle open, to be open in the heart and also to receive love and the energy that is received by the heart, so that we don't always give, give, give and at some point it doesn't work anymore and then

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Now we wanted to, we have now spoken, okay, with the man it somehow goes from the bottom to the top, so from the plus pole to the minus pole, from the genitalia to the heart, and with the woman it goes exactly the other way around, it goes from the chest, from the heart, over the chest to the vagina.

This is how sexual energy is created, this is how the corresponding sexual arousal is created.

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Orgasmic Business featuring Christian Wennmacher

Yes, I like this example so much, that for us women, you said it so beautifully, from the outside to the inside, where does the outside start?

It is also beautiful, really, maybe to start with the hands, to stroke over the arms and maybe to bring this energy to the heart more energetically.

To stroke, just to involve the whole body.

There are many reasons why this is so wonderful, but purely from a Taoist and Tantric point of view, it is simply the case that with women, the energy or sexuality works in such a way that you go from the outside to the inside.

And maybe you start with the hands, you stretch your arms out here and then you approach the heart space.

And then you touch the chest from the outside to the inside, so first you circle around the outside and then maybe you slowly approach the inside.

And then at some point, on your way to Juni, you may even touch the thighs and then go further and further inside.

That also takes time.

I think that's what many always say, that the true woman takes so much longer.

It is also so.

And maybe also because of the Tao.

In the Tao, the sexual energies of yin and yang are also associated with an element.

And the yin energy

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Orgasmic Business featuring Christian Wennmacher

Yes, and I think it's important to understand that there is a lot of talk about the fact that women need a lot of time and there is a lot of pressure on us women.

We need a lot of time.

I'm not allowed to need that much time.

And what happens then?

What did I do?

I pretended to be orgasmic.

I was just grateful when the man was satisfied and then I had nothing more to do with it.

Because there is a lot tied to it, namely to allow myself to take time, to take up space, to receive.

And I think these are topics that a lot of women know.

And just to understand, it's just a fact that we women need more time.

That's why I believe that it's not about who needs more time, who needs less time, but it's about a flow together.

Finding a meeting point.

And not coming somewhere and done, but a joint journey and a union, where it's not about one needs longer, the other less long, but it's a joint flow.

I think it's important to understand that sexuality doesn't just take place through penetration, but also to understand that it's the whole journey to it, and we think it's the last 5% maybe, that's sexuality.

To understand that this journey starts much earlier, I think that's an important aspect.

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Orgasmic Business featuring Christian Wennmacher titled

Orgasmic Business featuring Christian Wennmacher

And in the best case, I think it's about learning and experiencing female and male sexuality on a completely different level together.

That's exactly what we want to share with you.

And to keep you from wondering what to do, we have some wonderful things for you.

On the one hand, there is our wonderful online course Tantric Quickies, in which there are a lot of exercises to meet or get to know this new kind of sexuality between men and women.

Exactly, it's for couples.

Orgasmic Business featuring Christian Wennmacher

Orgasmic Business featuring Christian Wennmacher

The Divine Feminine Retreat here in Mallorca.

And actually the retreat was full, but we made two extra seats possible, because we had to make it possible with the accommodation.

That means we now have two seats left and we would be very happy if you would like to join us.

In the retreat it is all about that you understand your female sexual energy, that you activate it, that you use it for yourself and the feeling of bliss,

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Orgasmic Business featuring Christian Wennmacher

I think it's a really powerful retreat.

It takes place in German.

Yeah, join us.

Bouncy of Mallorca.


And on the other hand, I found out yesterday that on the 4th of November my course, my eight-week online course, Free Sexuality, is now already in the third round.

And in Free Sexuality it's exactly about what the title says, about a free sexuality.

It's about you

Explore yourself in your female sexual energy, in your female sexuality.

That you open your heart and learn how you can activate your breast trauma.

That we release blockages from our vagina in our body.

As you have already said, the aspect of releasing blockages, healing is always super important in a very wonderful, gentle way.

I always use hypnotic aspects to release blockages on an unconscious level.

And then to connect our heart with our vagina, to feel this connection.

And it's about activating your sexual energy, experiencing, living, navigating, so that you can experience a heart-fulfilling free sexuality with yourself, but also with your partner.

The course starts, as I said, on November 4th.

There are a total of six modules with an opening ceremony and a closing ceremony.

It's always incredibly personal because I give the course live.

We have a group in which we can exchange ideas and I'm really happy if you want to be part of it.

And there is an early bird prize until the end of September.

That means if you sign up now and want to be part of it, maybe you've already seen it the last time and it didn't work out, then I'm really happy.

Then sign up to get the early bird prize.

And the course ends right before Christmas, so it's a wonderful pre-Christmas gift for yourself to devote yourself to this topic and to free your sexuality and to live the way you imagine it.

And if you have any other questions or you have questions, feel free to contact us at any time.

Yeah, I thought it was a beautiful life.



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