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THE Retreat of retreats is available for you to revel in….! 

Join us for a deep transformational journey to yourself in a magical place in Mallorca, Spain where you will meet the depths of YOU. All your edges. All your light. All your darkness. To be guided beyond your currently perceived self to reunite all polarities in full acceptance of yourSELF as you are held in Sisterhood and by the Divine Masculine. 


This has the power to CHANGE YOUR LIFE! 


A 5 day experience where you are invited to get SO CLOSE and INTIMATE with YOU….


This journey will take you into the depth of yourself
You can expect to meet your darkness and your light 
To be guided beyond yourself
To meet your true self
To be held in sisterhood and by the divine masculine
Reunite all polarities in full acceptance of yourSELF
Dark and Light
Masculine and Feminine
Yin and Yang


It is time to expand into your true self 
It is time to spread your wings
It is time to love all that you are It is time to embrace your DARKNESS

It is time to shine in your LIGHT



Tuesday, 07.06. at 18.00 o`clock

Welcome Ceremony

Tuesday, 07.06. at 19.00 o`clock


Closing Ceremony