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Your dream hyposis

Create your personalized hypnosis 

I am so excited to share one of my heart projects with you.

This will give me the chance to support many more wonderful women through the magic of hypnosis! =)

Create your own personalized hypnosis

A hypnosis that fulfills all of your desires!  


I am recording a very personal hypnosis for you that suits your very personal wishes and desires. 

You will receive the Hypnosis as audio. 

  You decide about the purpose of the hypnosis

  You decide what you want to release through it (blockages, fears, etc.)

  You decide where it will strengthen you

  You choose the music

  You choose your safe space

  everything is possible ;-)

How can a personalized hypnosis support me?

The Hypnosis has the purpose to strengthen your inner resources.

It reminds you of your true essence.

It supports you in releasing negative beliefs, old patterns and conditioning. 

It supports you in transforming negative feelings.  

It is your very own save space that helps you to strengthen and center yourself.  

It is your very personal anchor in everyday life.  

And so much more!


Your personalized hypnosis does not replace a 1:1 HypnoCoaching with me.

Some traumas can be routed very deep and need an even deeper container.  

The hypnosis can however be one tool to support you along your inner journey.

Most of all it is here to strengthen you though.

If you would like me to record you a personalized hypnosis, please answer the questions below.

I will then get in touch with you. 

Costs per personalized hypnosis:  

€ 120.00

It would be an honor to gift you with your very own personalized hypnosis.

So much love, Alexandra  

Create your dream hypnosis

Thank you for your inquiry

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