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21 Days of Sexibility


21 days experiment with yourself! Sex-ibility stands for sexuality and posibility 21 days with the posibility for SEX every day !!! I would like to take YOU with me on your very personal journey for 21 days. 21 days in which you give your sexuality the opportunity to express yourself every day. BECAUSE now, hand on heart, who of you had SEX for 21 days in a row? Or at least tenderness, touch, lust or passion? Not me! It is my WISH that you experience your sexuality again as a natural, light component in your life. Most of the time it's not that we don't love and enjoy SEX. It is more the case that in spite of everything we often do not take enough space for our sexuality !! What to expect - 21 days of daily audio or video impulses - exercises to connect you with your sexual energy - impulses to explore your lust - ideas and inspiration to connect you with your lust - meditations to connect you with your yoni and sexuality - A lot of knowledge about sexuality, lust, energy, your - different orgasms, sweet spots and much more. - The possibility to ask questions at any time - My support and energy through the 21 days




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