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Tue, Mar 16


Wherever you are! ;-)

21 Days of Sexibility

21 days experiment with yourself! Sex-ibility stands for SEXuality and PosIBILITY 21 days with the Posibility for SEX every day !!! So that you live sexuality again as a natural, easy part of your life!

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21 Days of Sexibility
21 Days of Sexibility

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Mar 16, 2021, 8:00 AM

Wherever you are! ;-)

Über die Veranstaltung

21 days experiment with yourself!

Sex-ibility stands for sexuality and posibility

21 days with the posibility for SEX every day !!!

I would like to take YOU with me on your very personal journey for 21 days.

21 days in which you give your sexuality the opportunity to express yourself every day.

BECAUSE now, hand on heart, who of you had SEX for 21 days in a row ?

Or at least tenderness , touch , lust or passion ?

Not me!

It is my WISH that you experience your sexuality again as a natural, light component in your life .

Most of the time it's not that we don't love and enjoy SEX. 

It is more the case that in spite of everything we often do not take enough space for our sexuality !!

Maybe you know that yourself:

- Something is always more important than my sexuality

- First I have to finish all my projects, cook, clean etc. ...

THEN I have time for intimacy and sexuality

- I'm too tired to have sex

- I don't feel like having sex

- and and and

And then I feel like I can't feel my sexual energy.


Our sexual energy is ALWAYS there! Even if we may not feel it right now.

And I believe we can connect with her anytime.

This is exactly what the 21 days are all about!

Why 21 days?

It takes 21 days to anchor something in a way that it becomes a habit.

Or that new neural connections are formed in our brain.


The point is that sexuality is HERE every day - that it becomes a permanent, light, natural part of your life!

Just like working, sleeping, eating and exercising ...

That it is a topic every day - no matter in which way!


Because sexuality is pure life energy.

When your sexuality blossoms, your life energy also flows. Then your whole life will blossom!

So lets do this together ... ;-)

Very dear hug

Your Alexandra


What's waiting for you

  • 21 days of daily audio or video impulses
  • Exercises to connect with your sexual energy
  • Impulses to explore your lust
  • Ideas and inspiration to connect you with your lust
  • Meditations to connect with your yoni and sexuality
  • A lot of knowledge about sexuality, lust, energy, your different orgasms, sweet spots and much more.
  • The possibility to ask questions at any time
  • My support and energy through the 21 days


21 days of sexibility

Be creative

Express yourself


Touch you

Use toys

Watch porn

Experience soft sex or dark sex

Self pleasure


Experience sex with your partner

Experience sex on a hot date

Experience sex with yourself

Hold your yoni


Sex is as colorful as life!

It is time for you to become the creator of your own sexuality again!



There will be moments when you have absolutely no desire !!!

Allow yourself to say a clear no - but don't use it as an excuse!

Be ready to accept "failures" and celebrate yourself if you tried despite it!

The truth is, there is no such thing as "failure", only that you tried despite it

It's not about having SEX every day!

It's about giving your sexuality the chance to be THERE every day!


You commit yourself to meet yourself and your sexuality every day for 21 days !!

You have to show up EVERY DAY!

I'm happy for you!!!

Your Alexandra


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