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How we understand business

Find your essence

Your essence is the unique frequency of your existence.

It is your special color , with which the universe on the canvas  of life paints.  

Your essence is your unique BEING - the energy with which you shine into life. 

It is what you are at the core when everything on the outside breaks away.  


We believe that your business only really blooms when it contains your essence.  

When your essence shines out of everything you do. Then it becomes yours.  


When you see your essence  you can align all your actions with your being.

Your uniqueness becomes your trademark .

Your essence is your USP . 

Your offer will be unmistakable . Unique.


You will attract people who will appreciate your essence.

They will choose your offer from a multitude of options ~  not because you are "better"

but because you are you.

Then the price no longer plays the central role.

That's when things get easy. When it just flows out of you. 


Your essence

Your gift for this world.

We discover with you your strengths and the gift of your soul for this world - your essence.  

For us, your essence is the basis for your entire life. She runs through everything. 

It is the basis of your business - how you present yourself, how you go outside, what you offer.  Together with the vision of your business, we lay the foundation for your business success and personal fulfillment.

Your essence is your radiance, what you send into the world.

Your customers

Just as important as knowing who you are is knowing who your customers are.

You don't work for just anyone. You work for people with very specific needs and desires.

If you know their needs and wishes , but also their problems and fears, you can address and reach them directly there.  

What people want much more than to have their problems solved is to be seen and understood .


Your offer

When your strengths, gifts and talents ~ your entire essence ~ meet the expectations and wishes of your customers, then magic occurs .

Together with you we will find an offer that your customers will love and at the same time you are 110%.  

Even if you already have a precise idea of the form you want to offer, we will work with you to create a unique customer experience from the first contact to the most valuable offer - saturated with your essence.  

They will love your offer because you know them well. You will love it because it is non-copyable " you ".

Your Maken identity

You are your brand . It is an expression of your essence .  

It reflects your values and the facets of your being .   110% you - in your language , your words , your colors and your pictures .
Communication is not a one-way street.

We find the right form and the right channels like you your essence  send into the world in your unique way - and at the same time reach the people you want to address.


Your price

The universe is made up of the flow of energy.

Give and take is part of it.

If you serve people from your essence, money cannot be used to pay for it .

People will happily give you their money . Because your performance is infinitely valuable.

Apart from known thought patterns, we will find the right way with you to build up your offer and your business model in such a way that you experience personal prosperity and abundance.

Mind & Heart - Set

Your business grows in line with your personality.

That is why personal development is the foundation for a successful business.

Accompanying  for the development of your business we support you blockages, fears, beliefs  and dissolve patterns that are preventing you from blooming. 

For a positive alignment and achievement of your goals , we dissolve what is no longer useful to you today and create helpful thoughts, beliefs and feelings together.

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