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Mon, Feb 15


Online via zoom

Business Sisters ~ Sisterhood, Support, Development, Bloom, Success

Business Sisters ~ Sisterhood, Support, Development, Bloom, Success

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Business Sisters ~ Sisterhood, Support, Development, Bloom, Success
Business Sisters ~ Sisterhood, Support, Development, Bloom, Success

Zeit & Ort

Feb 15, 2021, 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM

Online via zoom

Über die Veranstaltung

Sisterhood, support, development, flourishing, success

For this event

Business Sisters is a wonderful, magical space in which you and your business can shine.


We support each other.

We learn from and with one another.

We motivate each other.

We celebrate successes together.

We are connected in depth and in our hearts.

And in joy and ease .

Business Sisters is a space beyond superficial success.

It's about your blooming . It's about the expression of your essence, your soul.

Business Sisters is a room for women (#sisters) who want to blossom with the business of their heart.

We want to shine. We want to make the world happy with our gift. We want to see the world shine.

Business Sisters is a room for you.

Here you can be as you are.

With all your questions and doubts - with all your wishes and hopes.

With all your victories and setbacks.

We understand you, because we go the same way.

Here you are carried by your sisters.

Competition turns into mutual support

Questions become areas of learning.

Doubts become teachers.

A space to be true.

A space for trying out and experimenting.

A room full of wonder and magic.



  • Connection and sisterhood
  • Exchange on the topics that concern you
  • Support from your sisters
  • A protected space in which you are carried
  • A room for all your questions
  • All of our business knowledge
  • Our most valuable tools
  • Our experiences over the last few years
  • Your sisters' experiences
  • The power of a shared vision
  • Magic and wonder

You not only get our experience, our gifts, our knowledge and know-how, but also that from your sisters.

Together we have an infinite treasure from which we can all benefit together.

We believe that there is always someone who has to give exactly what we need. That is exactly what we want to create with Business Sisters, a space in which EVERYTHING is there that you need to blossom!



The kick-off event for Business Sisters will take place on February 15.

Business Sisters then takes place twice a month.

The evening is FREE.



Hi, my name is Christian.

"I connect your uniqueness with the right people"

I have long heard the call of my heart. But there were always good reasons why I couldn't start now - until life just pushed me into it.

Flying Hearts was born out of my passion to design really good products and services and the desire of my heart for meaningfulness and a brighter world.

My experiences:

  • 9 years of experience designing products and services as head of product management in the software industry
  • For 13 years on the pulse of the customer in the business and consumer sectors
  • Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Media Technology at the University of Applied Sciences in Düsseldorf


Hey, my name is Alexandra.

"I support you in recognizing your wonderful uniqueness and your strengths in order to walk your radiant heart path"

For years I lived the life that others expected of me.

So I didn't know who I really was or what my heart actually wanted. I didn't know what was fulfilling or making me happy. At that time I had the dearest wish to feel joy and lightness in my life again. So my own path to the woman I am today began about 9 years ago. Back then I set out to find myself. I wanted to know who I really am, what defines me and what fulfills me.

Today live the life that fills my heart.​

As I began to listen to the voice of my heart and walk my heart path, everything in my life has changed. My heart's desire is now to support you to go your own heart path.

My experiences:

  • For 5 years I have been helping women to shine in their lightness and joy and to walk their unique path of the heart ~ more at
  • Advanced training in conversation management and coaching
  • Training as a Medial HypnoCoach®
  • Training as a holistic health advisor
  • Bachelor in business administration with a focus on event management and human resources

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