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Thu, Nov 04



Rise + Shine | Free live workshop

Visibility begins on the INSIDE, not on the outside! Join us on this journey to unleash yourself and ignite your glow! ​ Find your radiance and shine into the world!

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Rise + Shine | Free live workshop
Rise + Shine | Free live workshop

Zeit & Ort

Nov 04, 2021, 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM


Über die Veranstaltung

~~ Free live workshop ~~


For WOMEN who are ready to RISE up their BUSINESS


For women who are willing to say yes toSUCCESS, MAGICand all of themSIZE

Yes to their authentic BEING.

For women who know that the key to a successful business lies within themselves!

For women who are willing to dive deep, question everything and get to the core of what is true.

For you, if you are brave enough to SHINE!


What happened ifvisibilitydoes not mean to be seen on the outside ~

but to shine so much from within that your light is like a beacon?

What if it's not about being "visible" on the outside but on the inside?⠀

YES you can show yourself so that people can see and find you too!⠀

But it's really not about becoming "visible" on the outside and doing anything on the outside.⠀

But much more aboutthat you live YOURSELF in your WHOLE BEING. ⠀

That you are present⠀

That you are HERE⠀

That you hold nothing back from yourself⠀

That you are YOU -PURE YOU-⠀

In all your too-much-ness⠀

In your whole BEING⠀

That you are so present that I can recognize your soul color from 100m away!⠀

"Visibility" begins on the INSIDE not on the OUTSIDE!⠀

We would like to invite you to look within. ⠀

And to honestly ask yourself what might be holding you back from shining your SOUL LIGHT? ⠀

What else wants to protect you right now? ⠀

And then started there to become visible!

Join us on this journey to unleash yourself and ignite your glow!

Alexandra and Christian


What to expect: 

  • Live workshop with us and your sisters 
  • group processes
  • coaching
  • hypnosis
  • Embodiment Practice
  • energy exercises
  • meditation
  • dance
  • change processes
  • Lots of Magic

BONUS: DARE YOU Challenge! (Surprise ;) )



Date: November 4th

Time: 7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m

Online + FREE


Queens Rising is not a course.

It's your own transformation.

It makes you die To know you more deeply.

To ignite your radiance in the dark.

From down there to further up.

To new spheres.

Unimagined heights.

From you. And your business.

Rise with us.


Hey, we are Alexandra and Christian!

You are here to bring your unique spark into the world.

We are here to support women to discover their wonderful uniqueness and successfully bring it into the world.

Your journey is also our journey. A few years ago we set out to follow our heart's call ever more deeply. On this path we follow our vision to support women to successfully bring their heart business into the world.

We combine cordiality, personality development and business punk.

We give you all of us - our strengths, our knowledge and our individuality.

So that you recognize yourself more deeply, discover your strengths and uniqueness and bring your projects successfully into the world.

You are here to make a positive difference in the world by being fully you - by giving everything you have experienced - by holding nothing back.

"For us, the most awesome thing is to let your sparks become a radiant light"

You can find more information about us at:

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