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Heart Yoni Activation

Heart - Yoni Activation 

In thismeditationlet's connect ourHeart center with our yoni. 

We activate two of our most powerful energy centers - your heart and your yoni - for a sexuality that touches your heart.



In this meditation, experience the magic that occurs when your heart is connected to your yoni. 

learn aAwakening your yoni. 


Experience an activation of your yoni and the healing energy of your heart in your womb. 

feel howBlockages, rigidity and hardness melt awayand your yoni opens with the energy of your heart.

Experience a deep connection and closeness to you and your Sacred Temple - your Yoni. 


OneHeart - Yoni connectionopens up a whole new sexuality to you. 

you feel more love

More connection. 

You feel more joy, bliss and closeness. 

You experience a sexuality that touches your heart. 

Have fun with the meditation 

Dear Alexandra

p.sIf you want to go even deeper, then be on13.12. at minefree workshop "Heart-Yoni Activation"included.

What to expect: 

By connecting our breathing (Tantric Breath), various tantric elements, embodiment and gentle touch, we activate our chest, open our heart and connect it to our yoni. 


Free workshops

Tantric Temple for women
Tantric Temple for women
Jun 22, 2024, 5:00 PM
Tantra Mallorca
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