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What is HypnoCoaching ?

HypnoCoaching is life-changing

It was at least for me and so many women that I was allowed to accompany.

Through hypnosis we can go really deep to dissolve the cause of beliefs, blockages, trauma and fears in order to receive happiness, joy and ease.

Did you know that your active consciousness, i.e. all your active thoughts and actions, only make up 5%, while the unconscious makes up a full 95%? Can you imagine what potential we unleash when we tap into exactly this 95% in order to use it to consciously manifest our desired life?

Medial HypnoCoaching® is the unique combination of mind focusing, hypnosis and coaching. 

As a trained Medialer HypnoCoach® I accompany you to dissolve injuries and obstructive beliefs and instead to integrate new, free and useful beliefs. I will help you to recognize the causes of physical and mental symptoms and to heal them - and to integrate an easy and wholesome way of dealing with feelings into your life.


The Medial HypnoCoaching®  gives you the knowledge that you need to understand connections in your life and to make changes with ease.

For me, hypnosis is an incredibly powerful tool that gives strength and nourishment from deep relaxation.

The healing hypnosis differs from the often known hypnosis from television. It enables direct access to the unconscious, with only what the unconscious allows.


When is that  Medial HypnoCoaching®  right for you? 

- If you want a quick yet gentle change.

- If you want to recognize and solve old, obstructive behavior patterns, programming and imprints.

- If you have personally felt blockages, trauma or beliefs  want to dissolve and change.

- If you want to activate your own self-healing powers. 

- If you want to focus mentally and emotionally on what you really want!  


I will accompany you into a "space of possibility" of the unconscious, in which the dissolution and change of personally perceived blockages, trauma or beliefs can arise in a gentle way, in order to be able to explore new realms of the self from deep calm and with loving ease. The desire for change is a prerequisite for this process. Because the focus of my work is on supporting your visions and wishes. You alone decide at what speed and extent you go into recovery.


My clarity, my own experiences as well as my intuition and my sensitivity for what you need right now enable me to pick you up exactly where you need support. 

Write to me from the bottom of my heart to arrange a heart-to-heart conversation and see together what you need and how I can support you. ♥ ️

Your Alexandra 

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