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Selflove & Sisterhood

07/24 - 07/31/2021

Let the sunshine of Mallorca kiss your skin.

Enjoy the blue of the sky  the turquoise of the sea ,  the white of the sand.

Wake up to the scent of freshly squeezed oranges.

Warm rays of the sun on your skin.

Your view of the blue sky and the Tramuntana mountains.

Enjoy nourishing soul food .

Mallorca is one of the most diverse islands in the Mediterranean.

A little paradise full of wonderful nature and magical energy.

  Come with us on a journey to yourself and back to your essence.

We are more than the last few months.

We deserve to be happy.

Immerse yourself in this world of beauty and magic.

Be part of our magical 7 day self-love and sisterhood retreat in sunny Mallorca, Spain!

The retreat center

Yoga Haiti Low Res (web)-10.jpg

Do you believe in magic ?

Wake up in the morning to the chirping of birds, the warm rays of the sun, the magical blue of the sky.  

You come outside to have a nourishing breakfast with your sisters.  

A community of women who are just like YOU. Who are just like you on their journey of self-love.  

You will meet Alexandra and Christian in our sacred space for a deep, transforming self-love workshop.

You free yourself from negative images about yourself, your body and your femininity. You blossom in your femininity, in your self-confidence.  

You meet your sisters for a magical, raw vegan lunch by the pool with new, lifelong girlfriends. 

We dance together. We laugh. We sing. We celebrate the beauty of life.  

In the evening we meet in our magical room where we exchange ideas, tell stories, laugh from the bottom of our hearts and connect with our sisters.  

And before you go to sleep, swim a relaxing lap in our private pool under the stars of Mallorca!  




Saturday, July 24th from 5 p.m.

Snacks & drinks to arrive

Opening ceremony

Saturday, July 24th at 8 p.m.

Selflove and Sisterhood Retreat

Sunday, July 25th - Friday, July 30th

Closing ceremony

Friday, July 30th at 8 p.m.


Saturday, July 31 after a last breakfast together on the terrace until 10 a.m.

Example daily routine

07.00 a.m. - Yoga 

8.30 a.m. - Breakfast

9.30 a.m. - Self-love workshop with Alexandra and Christian

12.30 p.m. - lunch  

1.30 p.m. - time to connect, sunbathe or swim in our pool  

4.00 p.m. - Surprise workshop "Feminine Flow" with a wonderful guest  

6 p.m. - Dinner on the terrace

7 p.m. - Mantra concert under the stars of Mallorca

9:00 p.m. - Stargazing and connecting with your retreat sisters  

Other activities for our Selflove and Sisterhood Retreat: dancing, yoga, beach excursion, opening ceremony, sharings, picnic on the beach and much more



You, your retreat leaders Alexandra and Christian and 16 wonderful sisters


A 7 day, 7 night women self-love and sisterhood retreat in Mallorca.

A retreat in which you let go of negative images about yourself, your body and your femininity, connect with your true essence, fall in love with yourself and experience the deep connection of sisterhood.

Yoga, workshops, mantra concerts, dancing, nature, sisterhood connection and a life-changing self-love journey



Saturday July 24th - Saturday July 31st


Tramuntana Flow Retreat Center, Mallorca. 

You're flying to Palma de Mallorca. It is only about 15 minutes from the airport to the retreat location.  


Because you are worth giving yourself the gift of self-love and giving me a magical self-love retreat!

What is included

  • Overnight stay for our beautiful retreat location

  • Daily breakfast, lunch and dinner (vegan and gluten-free catering)

  • Osmosis drinking water  

  • Daily workshops with Alexandra and Christian

  • 3x yin yoga classes in the morning

  • Mantra concert

  • Surprise guests who accompany us on our journey of self-love

  • The possibility of 1: 1 coaching  

  • Support from our Love Angels

  • A wonderful, loving community

  • Sorority


What is not included?

Your flight and transport to the retreat location (only 15 minutes from the airport)

How much?

The price for the Mallorca Selflove and Sisterhood Retreat starts at
220 euros per day,  depending on the accommodation you choose.


What others say

"She infects EVERYONE with your love, your incredible ease and your radiance . I always feel that she understands me in such a deep way. For me, there is no better job."

Daniela Bodenstein

Come home LET GO

let yourself fall into the arms of your sisters.

The past year has kept us all busy in so many different ways.

Now is the time for

Joy. Link. Vicinity.

Let go.

Magic. Ease. Enjoyment of life.

Fall in love with life.

Follow us on a journey back to yourself -

Let life kiss you.

Enjoy the sunshine of Mallorca on your skin.

- Alexandra and Christian -


How nice that you're here!

The world needs you in your most beautiful, freest and most radiant form.  

Our vision is to let women like you shine in their lightness and joy.

We would like to support you to open your heart and to shine in all your strength.  

In the last few years we have been fortunate to experience the magic again and again through many workshops, retreats and spiritual festivals that arise when people meet each other freely, with an open heart and full of love. 

We would like to put this experience into ours as well
  Selflove and Sisterhood Retreats . 

In recent years we have been able to support several hundred women through workshops and seminars on the subject of self-love , sisterhood and sexuality to shine more freely , more powerfully and with full self-confidence.

We look forward to enchanting you a little too.

You are unique You are precious You are a miracle  

Alexandra and Christian 

we are Alexandra and Christian !

Beautiful Sister, join our magical Mallroca Self Love Retreat. A magical 6-day journey on which you will fall in love with yourself and your life. over and over and over ... 

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