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Transform your sexuality into
pure bliss and magic

Conscious  Intimate

Sensuality - touch - fulfilled sexuality

26 February 2022


Bewusst Intim 14.04.2023

Bewusst Intim 14.04.2023

Become a Tantric Goddess


A Tantric Goddess is deeply connected to herself, her body and her heart

She uses her sexual energy to manifest the life of her dreams

She is connected to her lifeforce energy and navigates it through her body

She uses sex to connect to the divine

She knows her desires and how to communicate them

She uses selfpleasure as the nectar of her selflove

She experiences sex as something deeply touching her heart and soul

She is in love with the beauty of her life 

She feels confident and empowered 

What does SHE bring you?

The moment you embody your Tantric Goddes EVERYTHING WILL CHANGE
You will release body shame & insecurities around being sexual and feminine 
You will strip away years of negative conditioning and blockages
You will release shame, guilt and insecurity around your Yoni and sexuality
You will get to create a beautiful relationship with your body
You will un-block your energy so your sexual energy can now flow free

This will bring you more aliveness, joy and pleasure in your life and sexuality

Librating your sexuality is the one thing that will CHANGE your whole LIFE.
It empoweres you.
It liberates you.
It gives you a feeling of happiness, freedom and confidence.

I truly believe that choosing to work on you sexuality will affet all other aspects in your life

Are you ready to become the TANTRIC GODDES you truly are?

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Become a Tantric Goddess

  • Step back into your sexual power

  • Be confident around your Yoni and Sexuality

  • Build a beautiful relationship towards your Yoni

  • Re-connect to your own sexual energy

  • Awaken your sensitivity

  • Strip away years of negative conditioning and shame

  • Allow your Yoni to be the cosmic pleaure center that it is!

  • Fall in love with your very own sexuality
  • Re-activate your sexual energy

  • Transform your sexuality into pure bliss and magic

  • Experience the kind of sexuality that truly fulfills you

  • Live sexuality in an easy and  natural way

  • Own your needs and desires

  • Communicate your wishes clear and full of lightness

  • Have a sexual love relationship with yourself

  • Have a wonderful and loving relationship with your body  

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All details

  • 12 weeks couple time

  • we all meettwo weeks

  • Fridays at 8 p.m

  • Duration between 60 and 120 minutes

  • Start: January 27th

  • The recordsfrom all workshops

  • Gentle exercises to heal and open your heart and activate your genitals

  • Tantric exercisesand sensual touches to connect with your body and sexuality

  • Lectures & knowledge transfer

  • A safe space to explore a new level of intimacy and connection

  • Guided exercises and rituals to take your sexuality to a new level 

  • Exchange in a Personal Telegram group 

For you, consciously intimate is when...

You want to break free from old limiting beliefs, insecurity and blockages that no longer serve you and hold you back from feeling confident in your sexuality.

You carry old wounds regarding men, sexuality shame and guilt and you are afraid that you are either too much or not enough.

You want to embrace yourself, your body an femininity to the fullest and get the most out of life including your sexuality.

You desire to explore a deep connection with yourself as a woman.

Your sex has been okay at times and disappointing at others and you have the feeling that you know too little about sexuality and you really like to work on it.

You'd love to know HOW to go deeper and transform your sexuality into something pleasureable, light and natural.

You want to feel more aliveness, joy and pleaure in your life and sexuality 

You feel the deep desire to connect to your Tantric Goddess, feeling deeply connected to your femininity, empowered and confident.

PLUS you love investing in your personal growth and development and working on yourself TURNS YOU ON!


What others say

"This course expanded me on so many levels when it comes to my sexuality and my very existence.
I went from feeling zero lust and very little pleasure to having blissfully orgasmic experiences. From disliking my body to feeling comfortable in my naked body.
I can feel my sexappeal and femininity. I love to express my very femininity.
Today I feel my desires and can go for what I need.
I feel free and liberated."


Your yoni is your sacred temple, the center of your femininity.  

When it blossoms, your whole life blossoms!  

- Alexandra Wennmacher -

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    Every month
    12 Wochen Paar-Zeit für mehr Intimität
    Valid for 3 months
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Hi there,
I am alexandra

it´s wonderful to have you here!

It was my own journey that lead me to what I love doing most in life.

To guide women back into their Goddess-Self.

To show them their way into a truly turned-on life! 

I rejected myself, my body, my femininity and my sexuality for so many years. 
I didn´t really know myself. 
I didn´t like my body. 
I didn´t have any connection to my femininity. 
I wanted to ban sexuality out of my life. 

Today I love myself.

Today I love my femininity.  

Today I love my body.

Today I love my sexuality.

Today I am connected to my Goddess-Me.

I know who I am and what I want.

And I go for my dreams and desires. 

Today I guide women back into their goddess-self.

I show them their way into a truly turned-on life!


My desire is to show you a way to connect to yourself, your femininity, your body and your sexuality:

A way to connect to your inner goddess power.

A way that will end in the most beautiful love stories of all.

The lovestory to yourself!

Based on my trainings and my own inner journey I combine Hypnosis, Spirituality, Tantra, Embodiment and Coaching to create life changing Workshops, Online Courses, 1:1 Mentorships and Retreats.

I am so looking forward to connecting with you. 



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