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Shine in your femininity

Do you want a healthy body?  and a permanently happy life ?

Do you want to feel deep love for yourself again?

Do you want to make peace with your past?

Do you want to reach a new level of energy, lightness and joie de vivre ?

Do you feel a longing for  inner peace and strength?

Do you want more  Self-confidence and self-awareness  for your life?

Would you like to shine in all of your femininity?  

Then the Shine your Light intensive accompaniment is perhaps the most valuable thing you can do for your journey.  

Write to me from the bottom of my heart for one  Free heart-to-heart conversation to see together how you can best get ahead in your life. 


Intensive  Accompaniment

I will personally accompany you on your way to more joy, satisfaction and ease over a period of 3 or 6 months.

What is important to me

  • To accompany you as personally, truly and uniquely as you are

  • To really go deeper together with you in order to achieve a lasting and deep change

  • To create a space full of love, trust and connection

  • Lots of joy, magic and ease

What's waiting for you

  • Weekly 1 to 1 sessions 

  • My support and availability even between our 1 to 1 sessions

  • Guided hypnosis to dissolve your blockages, fears, trauma

  • Guided hypnosis that strengthens you and aligns you positively

  • Individually created exercises and hypnosis for your everyday life

  • All of my knowledge and tools from the past 10 years

  • All my ease and love 🥰

I will help you to recognize your uniqueness, strength and beauty and to create a life that reflects your true self !!

Exploration week

All of my intensive offers start with a free exploration week,

in which you get to know me and the power of my work.

One of the most important things to take on a deep, life changing journey together is trust and connection .

You also have your own personal wishes and needs.

That's why we're giving ourselves an incredibly powerful week of exploration, in which I get to know you and you and we connect with each other,

before we decide together what exactly is RIGHT for you !!


This week I will accompany you through a 1 to 1 hypnosis session.

In addition, I am available for you throughout the week in order to offer you a space for change in everyday life and to give you impulses and support.

So you have the opportunity to experience a profound change in the first week.


Heart to heart conversation

If you feel a YES in your heart and would like to find out for yourself whether a shine your light - intensive accompaniment with me is right for you, then wholeheartedly get in touch for a free heart-to-heart conversation.

Together we will see how you can best get ahead in your situation and what you need to shine in your femininity.



For our coaching we meet via video call.

One of my gifts is to create spaces full of love, warmth and trust.

That's why I always start by creating a protected, safer space between us before we start coaching.

A session lasts about 90-120 minutes. 



I will accompany you for a period of 3 or 6 months.  

3 months of coaching for € 550.00 per month. (Total: 1650.00 €)

6 months of coaching for € 520.00 per month. (Total: 3120.00 €)

All offers can be paid in installments! 

What is HypnoCoaching ?

HypnoCoaching is life-changing

At least it was for me and so many women that I was allowed to accompany.

Through hypnosis we can go really deep to dissolve the cause of beliefs, blockages, trauma and fears in order to receive happiness, joy and ease.

Did you know that your active consciousness, i.e. all your active thoughts and actions, only make up 5%, while the unconscious makes up a full 95%? Can you imagine what potential we unleash when we tap into exactly this 95% in order to use it to consciously manifest our desired life?

THAT'S exactly what shine your light coaching is all about 

Write to me from the bottom of my heart to arrange a heart-to-heart conversation and see together what you need and how I can support you. ♥ ️

Your Alexandra 

What others say

"She infects EVERYONE with your love, your incredible ease and your radiance . I always feel that she understands me in such a deep way. For me, there is no better job."

Daniela Bodenstein


For alumni

Have you already taken part in a course, a workshop or an intensive offer?

Do you simply want specific support in order to realign yourself, to gather strength or to let go of a certain topic?

Then I have a special offer for you.

Refresh your Energy Boosters for alumnies only:

  • Five 1 to 1 sessions for € 130.00 per session instead of € 150.00 (total: € 650.00)

  • Ten 1 to 1 sessions for € 120.00 per session instead of € 150.00 (total: € 1200.00)


Each 1 to 1 session includes a wonderful meditation, a releasing and clarifying hypnosis and a coaching conversation for more clarity, strength and freedom!

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