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Mon, May 17


Online via zoom

Find your happiness

How you experience happiness now and here - without doing anything.

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Find your happiness
Find your happiness

Zeit & Ort

May 17, 2021, 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Online via zoom

Über die Veranstaltung

This is not just another course that wants to sell you that you have to be different.

We also don't tell you what else you need to be happy.

We are only concerned with you today:

What makes you happy? 

Is it money, a career, or a completed project?

Are you tired of always chasing the next goals. Just so that "the numbers" are correct? Just so that others get richer?

Do you feel an emptiness and being burned out deep inside you?

Do you feel that there is more?

Do you know something that touches you deep inside and kindles your real fire?

More and more people feel like you. We felt like you too.

We know there is a light in this dark tunnel.

You are the light. 

Your inner light.

We believe that the way to happiness and fulfillment is the way to yourself. 

That we are allowed to explore ourselves in order to experience what fills us with meaning and happiness.

And we know that happiness does not have to be sought outside but always lies within us.

With "Find Your Happiness" you and other wonderful women go on a journey of discovery to your happiness ...

- We explore together what happiness means for you and how you can find fulfillment 

- We will show you how happy and fulfilled you are today - and that you may have just forgotten.

- We show you how you can feel happiness and fulfillment without needing anything.

Through hypnosis, sharing and powerful exercises, we help you to recognize yourself and to find your happiness!

You don't have to know right away what exactly this means for your work.

It is important that you get on your way. That you find out what YOU really want and need in order to be happy in your work!

We support you wholeheartedly!

Alexandra and Christian

Hey, we are Alexandra and Christian!

You are here to bring your unique spark into the world.

We are here to support women to discover their wonderful uniqueness and to bring it successfully into the world.

Your journey is also our journey.

We set out a few years ago to follow our heart's call more and more deeply.

In this way, we follow our vision to support women in successfully bringing their heart-to-heart business into the world.

We combine cordiality, personality development and business punk.

We give you everything from us - our strengths, our knowledge and our individuality.

So that you can recognize yourself more deeply, discover your strengths and uniqueness and bring your projects successfully into the world.

You are here to make a positive difference for the world by being fully you - by bringing in all that you have experienced - by holding nothing back.

"For us it is the coolest thing to let your spark become a shining light"

You can find more information about us at:

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