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Yoni Love

Do you actually know like yours  Yoni looks like ?
Have you ever really got your yoni in  Looking at the mirror ?
And do you know what touch she likes?
Do you respect theirs  Limits and their needs ?

Your yoni is so much more than just a body part.
Your yoni is yours  holy temple . The gateway to the universe. Through them all life is born.
Your yoni is that  Center of your feminine power .

It is the connection to your femininity, the seat of yours  Creativity and sexual energy.
She is infinitely powerful, magical, patient and beautiful.
And she wants so much to be heard from you, to be seen and loved. ♥ ️

Yours  To get to know and love yoni  is an incredible  healing and powerful way .
It will help you to heal and love yourself, your body, your femininity and your sexuality .

If you strengthen the connection to her, you also strengthen yourself and your access to your original feminine power.
A wonderful step on your way to  unconditional self-love .